Which Plywood is Best for Home Interior?

Who doesn’t want their home to be aesthetically appealing?We all are looking for ways to make the interiors of our home well suited and designed. But, sometimes making the choice for picking out the wood that speaks for itself becomes daunting. The best plywood dealers would always recommend investing in the best quality wood as that can be termed as a far-sighted investment. 

The specification and the wood-type will be discussed in this blog so that you  are fully versed with your next home interior investment. 

  1. Plywood: the first and the foremost  wood that the plywood dealers in chandigarh recommend you would be Plywood. Plywood are formed by  stacked together the woods and are the most used wood for the home interior. The woods are glued together and chemical treatment of the wood is done. The thickness of the plywood depends on what end product is desired. It usually varies from 2mm to 38mm.

There are two grades of Plywood: MR (Moisture Resistance) and BWR (Boiling Water Resistant). The MR Grade, also known as commercial ply is a regular plywood but must not be used for kitchen and washrooms. The BWR, on the other hand, is known as a marine ply is used for the kitchen and bathroom interiors. 

  1. Block Boards: These boards are known for their high resistance against bending and therefore they are usually used at rough spaces like a construction site. They are also used for making bookshelves, tables, benches, sliding shutter, beds, and wall panels. The best plywood dealers in chandigarh have all different grades of plywood: MR Grade, BWR/BWP Grade.
  2. Particle Board: In case you are looking for wood from the plywood dealers in Chandigarh to make cabinets, furniture, or flooring then particle boards can solve the purpose. They are least resistant to moisture and are low in density and weight.

  3. Medium Density Fiber (MDF): The most  cost-friendly building material in the market is MDF. With flexible properties, MDF has become the most versatile material for home décor. They are mostly used in making cabinets, decorative shelves, and furniture.

Hardwood: The highest quality furniture is made up of hardwood as it has the tendency to keep intact even when water seeps in. Hardwood is made up of a tree that can transport the water throughout the wood. Thus, they are used to make doors, cabinet frames, flooring and decks.

Thus, you may choose any amongst the list above for your home interior requirements. The best plywood dealers in chandigarh: Jain Laminates have all in the store! 

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