About Us

We Jain laminates bring a legacy of artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence on your abode. We have a huge production every year, and we have always ensured that superior qualities of products are available to our customers. We use innovative technology and design creative solution for our customers.

People often get confused if they should go for painted tiles or marble for flooring purposes. Look for some scadinavian flooring, you will find wood all around. The wooden flooring, if done in consultation with the perfect plywood dealers can Chandigarh like Jain Laminates, can add value to the money that you are spending. These are the cost effective options replacing hefty marble or tile ideas.

Our Values

Our Vision

Jain Laminates generally uses unique technology in which the resins impart more strength to the laminates, making them quite resistant to scratch and also abrasion.

We have been the front-runner in usually applying innovation at work. This simple philosophy is the cornerstone of all our technologies.

Our Mission

We have designed and delivered various contemporary lifestyle statements that have become quite synonymous with modern living.

Our experts design the best for satisfying our customers without keeping any glitch in them.

Our Goal

Our aim is to create the best design and offer our customers with the right kind of ambience when they choose us.

We guarantee your choice and keep in mind the requirements that our customers have.

Why Choose us

We at Jain Laminates are committed at designing different innovative decorative designs that enhance the space where it is applied. Whether striking high gloss, bright solid colours, or metals, each decor is designed perfectly. Our product is designed to suit almost every place whether it may be commercial or residential. Our products have a range of additional benefits to enhance the hygiene and the durability as well.

We have an excellent technical support, and we are capable of designing and discovering new laminates that will enrich the space with its performance and durability that is required at luxurious residential and demanding commercial environments.